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Veteran & Edwardian Cars Offered For Sale

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1911 De Dion Bouton CS2 


Registration No. DEZ1911

Chassis No. CS2 NO2 



Offered for sale this simply stunning Edwardian De Dion Bouton Touring car. Supplied new in 1911 by a licensed De Dion Bouton dealer in Moutier-Rozeille near Aubusson, this example was sold to an individual named ‘Artisan’. The cost of the car was stated as 8000 Gold French Francs, a significant sum for its day. 


The ‘Artisan’ lived in a tiny rural village, so to be able to afford such a fine automobile it would suggest he was a significant figure in the community. The car next surfaced in 1930 when it was seen in a Citroen Garage owned by a Mr Rene Moeuf in La Courtine. He subsequently sold the car to an individual called Flayat in Creuse. 


In 1939 with German forces advancing across France, ‘Flayat’ made the decision to totally dismantle the car and bury it in numerous locations around his property as he feared it would be taken by the Germans. The engine, chassis and gearbox were seperated and wrapped in sheets filled with grease to avoid corrosion. The chassis being the biggest and hardest to hide, was buried underneath a dung heap. After Frances liberation the components were recovered and the car rebuilt before Mr ‘Flayat’ died in 1949. 


In 1955 the estate executors transferred ownership of the car to the son of Rene Moeuf who had owned the car in 1930. It has been storing the car since ‘Flayat’s’ death. Moeuf used and kept the car until 2002 remarkably. In 2002 Moeuf needed substantial renovation of his family home and the cars value was alleged to be able to cover these costs, it was therefore sold to a Mr Frances Holder. 


It was at this point that the car underwent major overhaul, Holder instructed highly respected coach builders Mercadier in Fleac to construct a new ash frame body using copies of original De Dion plans supplied to them by Amicale France. The car was extensively researched and its provenance undoubted by Holder with the assistance of the Amicale De Dion Bouton. The car is today well known both in the UK, France and the De Dion Bouton Club. 


Presented in beautiful condition, this CS2 De Dion Bouton has a lovely provenance, electric starting and endless touring possibilities. 


The current owner suggests that the car is running and looking very well. The UK V5C and French Carte Grise are both available alongside the excellent history file. This car is offered at a quite staggering price, considering the quality on offer. 


1915 Lancia Theta 

1915 Lancia Theta 


Reg No. DS6634

Chassis No. 2645

Engine No. 301


- One of the first true Italian touring cars

- Extensively overhauled. On the button

- One of circa 25 remaining

- Retains original Coachwork, Engine, Gearbox, Axles and lighting. 

- Known as ‘exceptionally original’ to the Lancia club

- 60 mph Veteran/Edwardian driving. 


In November 1906, Vincenzo Lancia, a talented engineer founded the automotive manufacturer Lancia in Torino, Italy. Previously FIAT’s chief test driver, in 1907 he launched Lancias first production motorcar and so began a brand name associated with fine innovation and rallying pedigree. 


Lancia launched the Theta in 1913 and at the time it was the first European car in existence to have a full electrical system, including starting from factory. The Theta featured a powerful 5 Litre four cylinder engine that produced a superb 70HP and was able to achieve speeds of 60mph comfortably. The car was particularly successful in the USA where it was able to stretch its long legs on the open roads and the cars were often supplied in chassis and engine form, with coachwork completed by companies in the many countries these cars were shipped. The last chassis was produced in 1919 by which point around 1700 Thetas had been produced. It is thought today that only 25 survive and lost of these are modified or lacking originally supplied coachwork. 


This 1915 Theta, was originally supplied to New York City, by American Lancia agents, Thomas Evarts Adams Inc. where it received Hydraplane coach work, which is still on the car today. The car first arrived into the UK in 1981 into the docks at Liverpool, the car still features its original coachwork, engine, gearbox, axles and stamped bonnet. The original Rushmore lighting is still present also. Remarkably. The car is known to the Lancia club as a truly exceptional and original car. 


In current family ownership since 2011, this Lancia Theta has been maintained over the years will little worry to expense. Files show that the Engine has been overhauled with new Valves, Pistons, Connecting Rods, White metal bearings and overhauls to the Water and Oil pumps. All of which are supported with related imagery in the history file. The car presents exceptionally well, having been brush painted at vast expense in 2009. Ready to use and on the button touring. 


This beautiful Lancia offers a new custodian a true Veteran/Edwardian Italian touring car of the highest quality, that can keep up with modern traffic and travel distance at ease. Previously Theta models have completed the famous Paris - Peking rally, showing the exceptional range that these vehicles are capable of covering when in maintained order like this one. 

The Theta had a complete engine rebuild some years ago and has probably not travelled 500 miles since, the below information has been taken from notes in the file with reference to this. 

Crankcase line bored, new bronzes for main and big end bearings made and fitted, New connecting rods, nuts and bolts, Re-metal all bottom end, Crank ground, phased (not just reground, phased to ensure all the - crankcase pins are in the right place, thus ensuring all faults are corrected) and balanced with flywheel, Block bored and honed (had to correct the centres thus ensuring all bores in the right place and perpendicular). Valve seats re-cut, Also benefitting from the following new items; pistons fitted (and balanced), valve guides made - SG IRON, valves manufactured to high specification - S and G Valve Manufacturers, valve springs, little end bearings, oil pump fitted with modifications to improve pin lubrication (centre of gears drilled to improve internal pin lubrication), the oil pump is a known weakness in this model. Additionally benefitting from: Pressure relief valve overhauled, Air compressor overhauled, New 3165S shaft for water pump made, Twin mechanical seals fitted front and back to water pump, New standpipes made for priming cups x 4, Oil seals fitted to magneto drive, Magneto rebuilt.


Additionally, the radiator has benefitted from a re-core. Still retaining the original electric starter, the electrics have been converted to 12v from the original 6v system and incorporates a modern 12v fuel pump and traffic indicators. The body was restored and repainted by Vintage & Classic Paintshop using Tekaloid paint in 2009, with “the body primed 3 times in total”. A letter on file, from February of 2009, documents the ‘work carried out’. “The undersides of the wings were painted with a high-quality Black stone chip protector. The seams of the wings were sealed.” Inside, the Black leather upholstery is new, with all the original instruments, including the speedometer, being subjected to an overhaul.


For more information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -


£132500  GBP

1908 Lion Peugeot VC2 - 1 of 7 Worldwide

1908 Lion Peugeot VC2 7HP

- One of 7 known survivors worldwide

- Beautiful condition both cosmetically/mechanically

- Frequently toured in UK/Europe

- Full wet weather protection

- Imported from prominent collection in Holland in 2015

- Exemplary History file

Offered for sale for a new custodian is this stunning 1908 Lion Peugeot VC2. Imported into the UK by the current vendor in 2015 from Holland, this vehicle offers a new owner an exceptionally well presented and cared for example of a rare marque that documentation shows is one of 7 remaining survivors. This VC2 is powered by a 1045cc single cylinder engine producing 7HP.

The car has participated in many events both in the UK and Europe including the Creepy Crawley event in recent years. Offered with the sale is documentation stating that this example was built on 14/08/1908 under the serial number 2234 and engine number 2253. Along with this there are several hundred photos of the cars restoration and an invoice for its purchase in 1985 when it was exported to Holland. Further filing shows a document from Peugeot’s museum giving details of its specification, engine and dimensions.

The car currently has a VCC events passport and invoices on file show a gearbox rebuild in December 2016 totalling over £10,000. The car is sold with numerous spares and has recently had 4 brand new tyres that have covered a few hundred miles. This fantastic vehicle is offered at an exceptional price for a car of this provenience and rarity and is making way for an alternative, larger vehicle.

A genuinely honest car and brilliant pair of vendors.

To register early interest or to start a friendly conversation please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196.

£26500.00 GBP

1913 GWK - VCC Dated

1913 GWK - Coventry Simplex - Friction Drive

Reg No - BF4241

VCC Dating Cert No - 666

-Mid Engine 2 Cylinder Coventry Simplex Engine 1069cc

-Friction drive transmission

-Ex - Hilda Kitson

-Offered with extensive history file including Buff Logbook

Offered for sale for the first time since 2007, is this fantastic little GWK friction drive car. 

GWK (Grice, Wood and Keiller) were a British car manufacturer based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Although a few examples were sold from 1911, proper production of these cars began in mid 1912 when they were equipped with a 2 cylinder Coventry Simplex engine with transmission to the rear wheels via a friction drive. 1045 of these cars were produced before the outbreak of World War 1 at which time the manufacturer switched to 'war work'.

This example owned by the current vendor since 2007 has been rallied extensively and is a very well known car in VCC circles. Its rise to provenance came when it was purchased in 1970 by Hilda Kitson, who did a great deal of events with the car including the Lands End to John O Groats tour.

'BF4241' is ready to use and is equipped with electric starting, windscreen and canvas hood, meaning it can be used in all of the UK's weather. The car is hand painted and presents very nicely. 

Offered for sale at an incredibly reasonable £19500.00, this car offers fantastic entry level VCC eventing possibilities and is in useable condition with extensive history file. 

For more information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email at

£13995 GBP

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