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Client Testimonials

A collection of feedback from previous clients that have used our service.

''I was tired of travelling to England from Germany many times in vain. Many vehicles did not match the description of the sellers.  The contact with Tom Parrott was quite different. The Rolls-Royce 20/25 HP was in exquisite condition. The service was fast, accurate, cordial and the most enjoyable in 30 years buying Vintage cars. You can notice that Tom Parrott comes from a family of car lovers. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to purchase or sell a vehicle whether you are based in the UK or Abroad.''

C. Heddier - Coesfeld, Germany. 

''I have recently used the services of Tom Parrott to sell 3 rare and unique Veteran cars. I was amazed at his attention to detail, passion and enthusiasm not only in getting me the best possible price but also ensuring I was informed at every stage. He really does go the extra mile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom time and time again. He delivered when other large establishments didn’t.''

S. Watson - United Kingdom.   


''Having recently purchased my wonderful De Dion through Tom Parrott i must say he made the whole process an enjoyable experience. From the start he was engaging, knowledgeable and very helpful. He has remained at the end of the phone, answering all the questions that arise when it’s your first venture into veteran motoring.'' K. Pointing - United Kingdom

"NP Veteran Engineering Ltd have expertly looked after my single cylinder De Dion for over 10 years and when I expressed an interest in changing to a twin cylinder veteran Tom Parrott was on the case locating just the type of car I was looking for, negotiating with the owner and taking care of all aspects of the purchase. The acquisition of this car depended on the sale of my existing car which was also taken care of by Tom and following his visit to inspect the car and take photographs,  the car was soon sold. All of this no doubt aided  by his extensive knowledge of Veteran and Classic cars and his understanding of the needs of customers, both vendors and purchasers of such specialist vehicles.

I thoroughly  recommend NP Veteran Engineering and Tom Parrott if you are considering selling or purchasing such a car. In fact I would go as far as suggesting that you should not embark on the purchase of a Veteran car without first discussing your plans with them as their extensive knowledge will no doubt point you in the right direction. Thank you Tom for all your help and I look forward to entrusting the maintenance of my “new” Veteran to NP Veteran Engineering Ltd."

Dr M Green - United Kingdom


"I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a veteran car from ‘Tom Parrott – For Veteran and Vintage’. The whole process was easy from start to finish. From my initial enquiry, Tom has always responded promptly to any questions, providing me with all the information needed to make an informed decision.


Tom provided a wealth of information about the car, including a detailed history as well as a comprehensive breakdown of the car’s mechanical condition. This was accompanied by lots of photographs and paperwork about the car. This detailed background gave me the confidence to purchase a car with Tom and demonstrated a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.


If you’re in the market for a vintage or veteran car, I would highly recommend Tom Parrott. Tom will take the time to understand your preferences and help find the perfect car to suit you.


Thoroughly professional with a personal touch."

R. Whittemore - United Kingdom


"When the time came to part with two of the family’s historic cars, Tom Parrott handled the negotiations speedily and professionally. I cannot recommend his services too highly."

D. Burgess-Wise - United Kingdom

''I used Tom Parrott's services when I decided to sell my 1904 Swift 7HP. After consigning it to him it was sold within 10 days, no hassle, Tom dealt with all the negotiations and I achieved the price I wanted. Since then, i have sold a second De Dion Bouton and bought another two Veteran cars through Tom. I would fully recommend him to anyone and would say that if you want a professional, fast and thorough service then Tom's your man. 10/10 service''.

A.Hollett - United Kingdom

''Having tried to sell my De Dion 2 years prior, I was glad when Tom Parrott contacted me and offered to list the car. To my shock, within 3 weeks, he had sold the car, I had received payment and he had arranged collection. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to anyone looking to sell their vehicle. A superb service.''

T. Wilson - United Kingdom

''Tom Parrott acted as broker for me when i was buying my 1903 De Dion Bouton. I found Tom incredibly straightforward to deal with and he ensured the deal satisfied both parties. He has extensive knowledge and expertise of Veteran cars both historically and mechanically which made the whole process a very smooth experience. He was able to confidently answer my myriad of questions promptly and professionally.''

P. James - United Kingdom


Knowledgable, incredibly well connected, detailed, efficient and a dream to work with.  Buying our first London to Brighton runner was just a joy with Tom.  Getting access to Nigel and the team at NP Veteran Engineering for ongoing maintenance and care added that little cherry on top. 

The stand out thing for me was the love and passion that Tom so obviously has for veteran cars and his desire to find the ‘right one’ for you not just the next one that is available.

If you are looking to start a new family tradition give Tom a call. 

Ian Taylor
Director of Malts, John Dewar & Sons
Finisher sponsor of London to Brighton Veteran Car Run - Aberfeldy Single Malt

I. Taylor - United Kingdom

''Tom, i would like to take a moment of your time to express how delighted i am for you to have sold my 1904 Humber. Although i am sad to see it go, there are times that we need to move onto pastures new. i would like to thank you personally for helping me achieve the figure i wanted with zero fuss. The whole process with you has been seamless. Thank you yet again.''

S. Elnor - United Kingdom

''When I thought about selling my 1902 Renault a good friend recommended talking to Tom.  Within a few days of our initial meeting Tom had a potential client for the car at a very reasonable price. He gave me time to decide whether or not to sell it without pushing me in any way. The deal was done smoothly and with great communication from Tom. I would recommend anyone looking to buy or sell a veteran car to give Tom a call.''

John Kemsley - Renault Frere's

J. Kemsley - United Kingdom

I have to thank Tom Parrott so very much for dealing with the sale of our beloved 1904 Wolseley. I have been so impressed with his handling of the transaction, his personal and caring approach, professionalism and expertise. I can say with certainty that using Tom was the best choice.

P. Casley - United Kingdom

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