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Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions on which Tom Parrott - For Veteran & Vintage operates are set out in the agreements entered into with each of the seller and the purchaser (each a “Client”) and signed by Tom Parrott and such Client (each an “Agreement”).


Please note: - Tom Parrott - For Veteran & Vintage is not a car dealership or trader. We work with veteran and vintage cars and do not make or give any representation, warranty, undertaking or guarantee, or accept any liability, as to, the condition, roadworthiness, running order or otherwise of any vehicle or part thereof. Should you wish, we can arrange for a third party to inspect a vehicle for you.


All fees and/or commission (including those relating to the purchase, sale and advertising of vehicles or any part thereof) and commission shall be as set out in the relevant Agreement. All fees and/or commission shall be due post sale


The details of the prospective seller shall not released to the prospective buyer until such time as the deposit (if any) is to be paid or the purchase completed (whichever is the sooner). - No personal information about any prospective or actual Client shall be published without express consent. We comply at all times with our obligations under the GDPR and the law.


For the avoidance of doubt, Tom Parrott - For Veteran & Vintage trades as a separate entity to NP Veteran Engineering Ltd and has no affiliation to the latter.


In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions set out here and the Agreements, the Agreements shall prevail.

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