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Your chance to own a Piece of Automotive History. 

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1904 Wolseley 6HP Phaeton - VCC Dated

1904 Wolseley 6HP Phaeton with covered trailer


Engine No. 107

Chassis No. 8197

VCC Dating Cert No. 1090

Horsepower - 6

Cylinders - 1

Dated on - 29/06/1966

- VCC Dated

- Well known and documented example

- London to Brighton eligible

- Wet weather protection

- For sale for the first time in 20 years

- In need of light recommissioning

-Offered for sale with covered trailer included


Offered for sale for the first time in two decades this stunning single cylinder 6HP Wolseley motor car.


The 6hp Phaeton produced by Wolseley in 1904 featured a very conventional forward mounted, but horizontally opposed single cylinder engine. The bore and stroke sizing was 4 1/2 in X 5 in and the starting was via a side mounted starting handle. The final drive was provided by central chain and its most recognised guise was a two-seat configuration. Cooling was provided by a distinctive gilled tube style radiator which wrapped around the bonnet – a staple on all Wolseley motor cars of this era.

‘CJ164’ offers a new custodian the opportunity to possess a mostly original, yet useable London to Brighton eligible British Veteran in working, driving order. Complete with wet weather gear in the form of windscreen and pram style hood, the Wolseley has excellent protection from the elements, something that cannot be valuable enough on the 63 mile journey to Brighton in November. The car has featured in numerous publications and has completed the LTBR on numerous occasions including the 1997 centenary run.


History on the vehicle shows that it was purchased in 2004 by the current vendor and car was originally owned in 1904 by a Mr E H Greenly of Titley Court, Herefordshire. Remarkable documentation included with details confirming the first two keepers of the car


The car is sold with large history file, excellent brass work (3 lamps and horn), VCC dating certificate and it’s original number plate along with current V5C document.

For further information or to register early interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via the Contact section on

£75000 GBP


1899 Hurtu

1902 Curve Dash Oldsmobile

1900 Peugeot 8HP Twin Cylinder

1900 De Dion Vis-A-Vis

1900 Georges Richard 9HP Twin

1900 Darracq Perfecta - De Dion Bouton Engined Quadricycle - VCC Dated

1900 Darracq Perfecta Quadricycle


- No 2 Type ‘Touriste’ 2.75HP - Reg No SIL 1900

- Chassis No 688

- Engine No 15425

- VCC Dating Cert No 3792 (2018)

- Exceptional Condition throughout

- Rare Marque

- From prominent UK Collection


Availability of Darracq Perfecta components and the De Dion engines made it relatively easy for assemblers to produce their own motor vehicles, as exemplified by this very original quadricycle offered here, which carries a single-cylinder De Dion engine in one of Darracq's Perfecta No. 2 'Touriste' frames.

Dating from 1900, the engine is the more desirable 402cc 2¾hp engined variant with water-cooled cylinder head, which sends power to the rear wheels via a Bozier two-speed gearbox.


This example resides with one of the UK’s most prominent collectors and a pioneer of the Tricycle/ Quadricycle scene worldwide.

The Perfecta is presented in faultless original condition and has been subjected to a ‘no expense spared’ maintenance throughout its current ownership. Undoubtably the best example on the market and potentially worldwide.

For more information, or to open a conversation about this vehicle, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via

£52500 GBP

1904 British Duryea 12HP 3 Cylinder - VCC Dated SOLD**

1904 British Duryea 12HP 3 Cylinder


Reg No - 144 UXK (Ex - M2)

VCC Dating Cert No - 628

Engine No - 61 


- Ex Sharpe Collection

- Possibly Unique Marque - only known surviver

- Extensively restored mechanically & Cosmetically 

- Ready for use on the London To Brighton Run 

- Easily mastered Epicyclic gearbox 

- From world renown collection 

- Powerful 12HP Engine & 4 Seats 


The Duryea claimed to be one of the first petrol-engined cars built in America and the Duryea brothers entered production with cars of a similar but smaller and simpler design in 1896. They sold reasonably well until centre-engined light cars such as the Oldsmobile and Cadillac appeared on the market. These cars were cheaper and easier to drive. Such was the success that the chief Editor of ‘The Autocar’ at the time took up licensing to sell them in the United Kingdom. In fact, the Rugby engineering company, Willans & Robinson undertook this, which came to an end in 1906.


Not only was the appearance incredibly unusual and eccentric, but so was the specification of this 1904 model – with the horizontally-placed 3½-litre three cylinder engine. This unique engine had push-rod operated overhead valves and was mounted at floor level under the front seat. Drive is engaged via a two-speed epicyclic gearbox and single chain final drive to a live rear axle. The carriage-like wooden wheels carried solid rubber tyres and the length of the leaf springs was considered adequate to deliver a comfortable ride. Bar one pedal, all the controls were in a central console from which appears the steering tiller.


This fantastic example has benefited from a ground up restoration in the mid 2000s and is now presented for sale from possibly the best Veteran car collection worldwide. Described as excellent both mechanically and cosmetically, ‘144UXK’ is ready to be enjoyed and used by a new custodian. 


The Duryea offers comfortable and spacious 4 seat London to Brighton motoring in a unique setting, surely a stand out car at any event and even the great London to Brighton Run itself. All that is needed now is a driver, 3 passengers and 4 top hats to complete a sensational photograph. 


For more information, or to register an interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via the website

1900 M.M.C Princess Phaeton 8HP Twin Cylinder VCC Dated

1900 MMC Princess Phaeton 8HP Twin Cylinder 


Registration - VC 777

Car No. - 884

Engine No. 4 

VCC Dated

London to Brighton eligible 


- One of the oldest British cars in existence 

- Sole Surviving MMC Princess known worldwide 

- Ex-Ward Collection 

- Photographic evidence of LTBR’s In 20s,30s,40s 

- Footage of the car racing at Brooklands in the 30s. 


Offered for sale, an incredible piece of British motoring history. 


‘VC 777’ produced by the Motor Manufacturing Company Co. In 1900 cost £231 new and offered 4 seat motoring, Canvas hood and luggage space to the rear. This remarkable vehicle accommodates four with the front two seats perched above the road ahead of the driver. 


The car presents incredibly well considering having passed its 123rd birthday this year. 


A quite frankly astonishing history file accompanies the car and it is very well known in the Veteran circles. Photographic evidence shows the car on the London to Brighton Run in 1929 along with other LTB’s in 1933, 1936 and 1946. 




Horizontally opposed twin cylinder, water cooled with atmospheric inlet valve and mechanical exhaust valve. 1772cc. 


Three speed gearbox with reverse, chain final drive. 

33.5” rear wheels and 28.5” fronts, both on solid tyres. 

Semi elliptic front leaf springs at the front - coil sprung at the rear. 




Finished in deep maroon livery with cream coach-lined wheels the car presents nicely with basketwork, weaved coachwork. Complete with Candle coach lamps matching in colour and rear brass oil lamp, it is in exceptionally functional condition with beautiful patina. To the rear of the vehicle we have luggage space or for those who required it, a footman. 


Running order:


The car is sold in useable, running and driving condition. It starts on the handle and is ready for many further events/rallies and tours. As with all cars of this era, regular maintenance is key and this example has been well cared for by its current custodians. 


Current V5C document, history file, VCC dating Certificate and delightful photos accompany the sale and confirm the authenticity of an incredible vehicle. 


For further information, or to register your interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -

£190,000 GBP

1904 De Dion 10HP Twin Cylinder VCC Dated

1904 De Dion Bouton 10hp Twin Cylinder Rear entrance tonneau


Powerful 10hp 4 Seat example 

Frequent London to Brighton participant 

VCC Dated -1904

Presents Beautifully 


Offered for sale ‘BF4679’ offers the new custodian a fully restored and attractively finished, high quality twin cylinder powerful London to Brighton vehicle. It presents beautifully in recently hand-painted royal blue livery and is described as in running, working order ready for use. 


The history of this particular twin cylinder De Dion Bouton is largely unknown, but it was restored in the Netherlands more than a decade ago before import to the UK, following which it has been extensively used. The VCC Dating report, provided by the current owner indicates that the vehicle has a long wheelbase chassis, that was available for some vehicles in 1904. 


The engine is the 10hp unit of 1400cc, which is twice the size of the unit fitted to the 6hp motor cars at the time and pulls the chassis along at a comfortable speed without being troubled by hilly terrain. The gearbox is understood to be an example of the sliding pinion transmission that De Dion Bouton fitted to the slightly later motor vehicles from 1905. This was installed as an upgraded feature at the time, and the vendor has confirmed that gear-changing is very smooth. Other non-original elements have been installed to improve the driving experience.


 Twin Cylinder-engined De Dion Bouton’s are difficult to find, and this example offers a recently restored, painted, and trimmed option for a new custodian. It has all the attributes of this high-quality French marque, with the added benefit of spacious rear accommodation for passengers.


The car is described as in excellent, useable condition and will be ready for all touring/rallying and eventing possibilities upon sale. 


A top quality London to Brighton vehicle for those looking ’to make good time’ and take several passengers. 


For more information, or to register early interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -

£180,000.00 GBP

1901 Delin 4.5HP Voiturette - VCC Dated

1901 Delin 4 1/2 HP Voiturette - VCC Dated 


-Car No. 4

-Engine No. 0181

-VCC Dating Cert No. 1299


-3 seat London to Brighton run eligible car

-Early LTBR start time

-Over £20k spent in the last 5 years 

-Starts, Runs, Drives, Stops

-Rare Marque, potentially 3 survivors. 

-Fantastic history file


The Delin motor car was designed and built in Louvain Belgium by Mr Joseph Delin. Production started in 1900. 


The Delin was a typical light car from the turn of the century, with a front mounted, transverse single cylinder engine supplying drive to the rear wheels via a single chain. 


Production only lasted for 12 months and there are only 2 known survivors, one of which is this delightful example and the other believe it or not resides in Uruguay, in their National Museum as the first car ever imported into the country.  


Offering 4 1/2HP, a 3 speed gearbox including reverse, the Delin was a very capable little car that rumbled along at 25MPH.


‘866 UYG’ formerly ‘OJ2’ offers a new custodian the opportunity to possess an exceptionally rare and well presented marque, that draws a crowd and conversation wherever it goes. The vehicle has been maintained meticulously and recent works have totalled over £20,000 to ensure that the car has been kept up together in safe and presentable running order. 


Early History:


The car is accompanied by VCC Dated Certificate No. 1299 (1972), original Buff Logbook and a large amount of correspondence from as early as 1945. 


The vehicle surfaced in early 1945 when it was offered for sale by Mr Walter Mist, Mists Garage, Birmingham. Early correspondence shows a letter from a Mr A.W.F Smith who was looking to purchase the vehicle for £75, but had asked Mists Garage to store the car for the time being ‘until the rockets stopped’ which was likely a reference to the German V2’s at the time. Eventually 14th April 1945 a further letter shows Smiths purchase of the car for £75. Further research shows that Walter Mist may have become custodian of the vehicle in 1930. 


The car was next sold at the ‘Smiths’ auction in 1968 where it ended up at a new home in Portadown Ireland. The car was kept there until 1990 when dealer Stephen Langton purchased the car and removed the ‘OJ2’ number plate before selling the car to a Mr Johcheere in Belgium. More recently the car was owned by renown Brighton car collector Mike Bradbrook in 2014 but was then placed in the COYS auction in 2016 where the current vendor purchased it. 


For further information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email at


£75,000 GBP 

1908 Lion Peugeot VC2 - 1 of 7 Worldwide

1908 Lion Peugeot VC2 7HP

- One of 7 known survivors worldwide

- Beautiful condition both cosmetically/mechanically

- Frequently toured in UK/Europe

- Full wet weather protection

- Imported from prominent collection in Holland in 2015

- Exemplary History file

Offered for sale for a new custodian is this stunning 1908 Lion Peugeot VC2. Imported into the UK by the current vendor in 2015 from Holland, this vehicle offers a new owner an exceptionally well presented and cared for example of a rare marque that documentation shows is one of 7 remaining survivors. This VC2 is powered by a 1045cc single cylinder engine producing 7HP.

The car has participated in many events both in the UK and Europe including the Creepy Crawley event in recent years. Offered with the sale is documentation stating that this example was built on 14/08/1908 under the serial number 2234 and engine number 2253. Along with this there are several hundred photos of the cars restoration and an invoice for its purchase in 1985 when it was exported to Holland. Further filing shows a document from Peugeot’s museum giving details of its specification, engine and dimensions.

The car currently has a VCC events passport and invoices on file show a gearbox rebuild in December 2016 totalling over £10,000. The car is sold with numerous spares and has recently had 4 brand new tyres that have covered a few hundred miles. This fantastic vehicle is offered at an exceptional price for a car of this provenience and rarity and is making way for an alternative, larger vehicle.

A genuinely honest car and brilliant pair of vendors.

To register early interest or to start a friendly conversation please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196.

£37500.00 GBP

1904 Franklin Model A 10HP 4 Cylinder - VCC Dated

1904 Franklin 10HP 4 Cylinder Rear Entrance Tonneau 


Registration - BS8089

Chassis No - 529

Engine No - 537

VCC Dating Cert No - 1882


Offered for sale for the first time in 15 years, this fantastic, rare and powerful Franklin motorcar. 


H.H. Franklin Co. released their first motor car from the production line in June 1902. From the outset, the Franklin brand was known for its air cooled engines and was marketed as being one of the most reliable, yet powerful cars of its time. This was evidenced by its use by many public sector workers including medical staff and doctors. Before the invention of Antifreeze, cold winters were treacherous for water cooled vehicles, while the air cooled Franklin was able to perform at its optimal levels. 


This 1904 Franklin ‘Model A’ features a four cylinder, air cooled engine with overhead valves that was transversely mounted at the front, very similar to European design as opposed to other American cars. The Franklin was able to travel at speeds exceeding 40MPH and achieved this via its 10HP engine (noted as 12HP in America) and it’s very lightweight construction including wooden frame. The Franklin brand remained until 1934 and was synonymous with air cooled engines. 


This excellent 4 seat London to Brighton eligible car, offers everything you could want for a trip to Brighton. Four Seats, a powerful engine capable of 40mph+ and a two speed Epicyclic (planetary) gearbox mean this car is very easily mastered. Featuring fully elliptic springs and excellent rear drum brakes, the ride is both comfortable for 4 people, whilst also having the required stopping power. 


‘BS8089’ was extensively toured and presented by former VCC President Roy Brown and has completed a plethora of VCC events and London to Brighton Runs. 


The car today presents in nice fettle and is described as in running condition, although as always, a light recommissioning is recommended. 


To summarise, this 1904 Franklin offers a new custodian a powerful, reliable and proven four cylinder London to Brighton car at an unrivalled price point. 


To open a conversation, or for further information please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email - 


Please note - further imagery will be available on the cars arrival mid January 2024.

£140,000 GBP

1913 GWK - VCC Dated

1913 GWK - Coventry Simplex - Friction Drive

Reg No - BF4241

VCC Dating Cert No - 666

-Mid Engine 2 Cylinder Coventry Simplex Engine 1069cc

-Friction drive transmission

-Ex - Hilda Kitson

-Offered with extensive history file including Buff Logbook

Offered for sale for the first time since 2007, is this fantastic little GWK friction drive car. 

GWK (Grice, Wood and Keiller) were a British car manufacturer based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Although a few examples were sold from 1911, proper production of these cars began in mid 1912 when they were equipped with a 2 cylinder Coventry Simplex engine with transmission to the rear wheels via a friction drive. 1045 of these cars were produced before the outbreak of World War 1 at which time the manufacturer switched to 'war work'.

This example owned by the current vendor since 2007 has been rallied extensively and is a very well known car in VCC circles. Its rise to provenance came when it was purchased in 1970 by Hilda Kitson, who did a great deal of events with the car including the Lands End to John O Groats tour.

'BF4241' is ready to use and is equipped with electric starting, windscreen and canvas hood, meaning it can be used in all of the UK's weather. The car is hand painted and presents very nicely. 

Offered for sale at an incredibly reasonable £19500.00, this car offers fantastic entry level VCC eventing possibilities and is in useable condition with extensive history file. 

For more information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email at


1901 Peugeot Quadricycle - VCC Dated

1901 Peugeot 2.75HP Quadricycle VCC Dated

-Chassis No. 957

-Engine No. 957

-VCC Dating No. 4143/2018

-London to Brighton eligible

-Rare and possibly only surviving marque

-Early 1901 Model

-Reliable and exceptionally well presented

-Sold out of one of the most prominent UK collections

-2 Speed Gearbox


According to history from the Peugeot motor company archives. The first Peugeot branded tricycles were built in 1898 and used the ever popular De Dion Bouton engines as many others did of that time. In 1900, Peugeot broke the mould and created the first Quadricycle with their own 2.75HP engine and gearbox, completely unheard of at the time.


In 1901, the Quad’s were fitted with a water cooled head as per this example.

The Peugeot Quadricycles debuted in 1900 and ceased production in 1903, thus becoming a very rare breed in the current day. ‘MGZ1901’ offers a new custodian the opportunity to acquire an incredibly rare and possibly unique Peugeot that has been maintained and restored with no expense spared.


The Quad has to be described as exquisite in condition both cosmetically and in terms of running. Simply the best available. The Peugeot is to this day in keeping with its original guise with the 1901 water cooled head, Longuemare carburettor and matching engine/chassis numbers.

Purchased by the current vendor in 2016 from a Spanish owner and subsequently dated by the Veteran Car Club in 2018.


The Peugeot had previously been owned by The Musee Automobile de Provence prior to the Spanish purchaser in 1965. A near 50 year ownership.

Sold as part of a downsizing collection, this Peugeot offers its next owner quite possibly the best maintained Quadricycle on the open market.

For further information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively at

£52500 GBP

1911 Talbot 'Roi-Des-Belges' 15HP Open Tourer

1911 Talbot 15HP ‘Roi- De- Belges’ open tourer


Model - Type 4M 

Chassis - 5118

Engine - 122 

4 Speed Manual 

Reg - BF7229


Introduced for 1911, The Talbot 15hp boasted a larger four-cylinder side-valve engine than its predecessor. 


Unsurprisingly this generation of Talbot 15hp achieved considerable success in hillclimbs and speed trials of the time. 


Roi-des-Belges ('King of the Belgians') was a style of coachbuilding used on luxury motor vehicles in the early 1900s and was basically a double-phaeton with exaggerated bulges suggestive of a tulip.


BF 7229 returned to the UK in 2013 in a 'very original and useable condition' and was purchased by our vendor with the intention of commencing a major restoration. The bodywork was removed to gain access to the mechanical components and, happily, very little was needed to be done on the chassis as it was found to be in very good condition. BF 7229 still has its original engine fitted in 1911, engine no. 122, which was also found to be in very good condition.


The complete car was prepared and painted in dark green coach enamel, applied professionally by brush, as would have been done in 1911, and the coach-lining was also done by hand. The the car was completely re-upholstered in top quality Italian dark green leather, the seat backs being deep-buttoned, new carpets in the rear were made and are bound on their edges in matching leather. The hood frame was repaired and straightened where necessary and the hood was re-made with top quality rot-proof canvas. It's fitted with Rushmore acetylene headlamps, Powell and Hanmer acetylene carriage/side-lamps and a Lucas King of the Road tail-lamp.

Discreet flashing indicators were fitted front and back controlled by a hidden controller and a self-starter and alternator have been fitted. All these additions could be removed if required and the vehicle would then revert to original. 


A brass Edwardian speedometer has been fitted and calibrated, driven off the prop shaft and a rare compressed air horn is fitted which runs off number four-cylinder exhaust valve.


On offer from a prominent UK-Collection, this handsome Edwardian would be perfect for VSCC events or anywhere where you would like to make an impression.


For more information please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively on 


£85,000.00 GBP

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