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Your chance to own a Piece of Automotive History. 

London to Brighton eligible vehicles available for purchase.

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1903 Stevens-Duryea Model L 7HP Twin Cylinder - VCC Dated

1903 Stevens Duryea Model L 7HP Runabout


Registration No - BS8692

Chassis No - 354 

VCC Dating Cert No - 4188



The Stevens-Duryea motor company was formed in 1901 when The Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Offered a car designed by J. Frank Duryea, who had built some of America’s first automobiles in 1895. In November of that same year, Mr Duryea won the first automobile race ever held in America. 


In 1903, Stevens-Duryea produced a motor carriage with a horizontally opposed 2 cylinder engine which was rated at 7HP. The car boasted a unique starting feature whereby it could be started from the seat of the motorcar, instead of direct cranking. 


This example of a 1903 ‘Model L’ found its way into Europe when it was imported into Holland by dealer Philip De Vos. The car arrived in exceptionally original condition and was ‘untouched’ from its initial configuration. The car still boasts its Dietz side lamps. 


Chassis 354 remained in the De Vos collection until it was auctioned in Bond Street in 2017. The car was not running, undated and required restoration. It was purchased by renown veteran car enthusiast Mr J Dennis OBE who undertook the total restoration of the car and looking at the history file, appears to have logged a staggering 900 hours at a cost of around £25,000+. Included within these costs were mechanical overhaul, full repaint and coach line and retrimming of the hood and front seat. Once he had completed the car, he moved it on to a new custodian and former VCC President. 


During the Ex- VCC Presidents ownership, the ongoing maintenance and fettling continued to get the car into the condition it is today, starting, driving and running well. Having driven this car myself, I can say it is a feast for the senses, its 3 speed constant mesh gearbox is easy to use, the tiller steering remarkably direct and the handbrake very effective. In top gear, this is a car that is capable of over 40MPH, making it an exceptionally quick ‘Brighton runner’. Complete with cape cart hood for some November weather protection, this is an exceptionally capable 4-seat car. 


The car was presented before the VCC Dating committee and was signed off in August 2020 with full report present in the file. The car was noted as being ‘fully representative of the Model L 7HP of 1903’. Upon its dating confirmation it was run in both the 2022 and 2023 London to Brighton Runs. 




  • London to Brighton Eligible 4 seater

  • Exceptional performance vs £

  • Restored example in good running order currently 

  • Powerful 40MPH car 

  • Ex VCC Presidents car

  • 1 of 3 VCC Dated Stevens-Duryea cars


£95,000 GBP 

1904 Cadillac Model A Rear Entrance Tonneau - VCC Dated

1904 Cadillac Model A 6.5HP Rear Entrance Tonneau 


Registration No - BS8449

Engine No - 2913

VCC Dating Certificate No - 2528



Founded by Henry Leland and Robert Falconer the Cadillac Automobile Company tested their first automobile in October 1902. The company possessed superior manufacturing technology when compared to many of their rivals and Precision gear cutting was their speciality. Soon, Cadillac established themselves at the forefront of American quality cars. 


Cadillac’s 1.6 Litre engine, which was horizontally mounted and take drive via two speed plus reverse planetary transmission was known as ‘Little Hercules’. The model A was keenly priced and offered with a choice of two or four seat coachwork alongside a commercial rear body. An exceptional performer despite its single cylinder status, a model A Cadillac will happily travel at speeds of 30-35MPH, climbing almost any hill. 


The example shown here was first seen on the Centenary London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in 1996 and was later imported into the UK in 2006 by renown collector and enthusiast the late Graham Bennett of East Sussex. Upon his purchase of the car, Mr Bennett entrusted the overhaul and recommissioning to Nigel Parrott, NP Veteran Engineering LTD, with attention being paid to the running gear, transmission, camshaft and valves. At this time the brakes and transmission bands were also relined. 


In recent years, the car has resided amongst a fantastic collection in Belgium where it has been well looked after and completed the London to Brighton Run on many occasions. 


Offered for sale now, BS8449 is a very capable VCC Dated car that will carry four people to Brighton, up all of the hills, comfortably. 


For further information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196, or alternatively via email - 


£95,000 GBP 

1904 De Dion Bouton 6HP - VCC Dated 

1904 De Dion Bouton 6HP ‘Type N’


Registration No - Y520

Car No - 232

Engine No - 14846

VCC Dating Cert No - 176 


De Dion and Bouton are two of the most prominent names In Veteran Motoring. Pioneers of the dawn of the motorcar, they were the best selling car of the 1890s to the turn of the century. From Bicycles, Steam cars, the ever popular Vis-a-vis and Tricycles, De Dion Bouton were effectively the first mass produced manufacturer. 


The example of a 1904 ‘Type N’ 6HP has quite the story to tell. 


Purchased in 1926 by Mr Bunny Clarke for the sum of £7 10 shillings! She hit the road in 1934 for London to Brighton. She only missed 2 runs from 1934-1973, making it to Brighton AND BACK TO LONDON on every occasion under her own steam. Further information shows that the car went on to complete every London to Brighton from 1974-2006 on top of this. A staggering feat that shows this little car has competed in the event over 70 times. We believe the current owner is only the 6th in the last 120 years, showing each owners love affair with the car. 


This De Dion is in some way a film star, having appeared in numerous scenes of the 1953 film Genevieve, but also appearing in Tommy Steele’s Half a Sixpence, Roger Moore’s Crossplot and ‘The Great White Hope’ a film about the life of Jack Johnson, heavyweight boxing champion of the world. 


The current owner purchased the car from Stephen Langton in July 1993, meaning the car is now for sale for the first time in almost 30 years. 


The car is sold with current V5C, an additional matching pair of Lucas Brass Lamps, tailored period Cordings of Piccadilly driving coat, over 20 London to Brighton finisher medals and various documentation. 


For further information please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email 


Please watch the walkaround video of this car on Social Media and YouTube. 


£69500 GBP 

1904 Swift 7HP - VCC Dated 

Registration No - BS8487

Chassis No - 176

Engine No - 2886 


  • VCC Dated 

  • Electric starting

  • 4 seat London to Brighton vehicle 

  • Rare English Marque

  • Many time London to Brighton Finisher 

  • Ready for use


Swift of Coventry gained and adapted its skills to enter the motorcar market from its successful marketing of bicycles. They adopted a locally built MMC engine all the way up until 1904. 


Discovered in Ireland around 1960, this example was brought to England by LT. Colonel JF Gresham of Worcestershire. The Colonel was a VCC stalwart who very actively campaigned the Swift on VCC Events, 5 London to Brighton Runs and rallies in Holland. Quite remarkably, the Swift was driven too and from all of these events including the trips to Europe. 

Upon purchased of a 1901 De Dion Bouton, the Gresham family sold the car to well known Yorkshire based collector, the late Peter Black to where the car remained from 1966-2008. Black drove the car on the 1967 London to Brighton Run and subsequently on many other occasions. 


The performance of the two seat Swift was so good that a further two rear seats were added in 1968, enabling it to carry four to Brighton. 


Presented in dark Green livery with Perfecta Brass acetylene headlamps, Lucas side lamps and a brass bulb horn, the Swift also offers reliable electric starting. 


In more recent times the car has changed hands a number of times, it was purchased by an active VCC Member that used it on numerous occasions in 2019. Sold by Tom Parrott in mid 2023, the current owner successfully completed the 2023 London to Brighton Run, arriving without issues in Brighton by 1pm. The car came into NP Veteran Engineering in 2023, where in had work to the inlet valve, a newly relined leather clutch and relined rear brakes. The car is now offered for sale once again after the vendors purchase of a 4 Cylinder vehicle. 


For further information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or via email - 


Please watch the video footage on social media and YouTube. 


£100,000 GBP 

1903 Gladiator 12HP 4 Cylinder - VCC Dated

1903 Gladiator 12HP 4 Cylinder 


Reg No - Y69

Chassis No - 1623

Engine No - 41

VCC Cert No - 1527


- Presents in exceptional condition

- Extensively toured in Europe and the UK

- Genuine 50MPH London to Brighton car

- Oldest recorded 4 Cylinder of the Gladiator Marque


Y69 was first registered on 21 December 1903. The owner being R Allen Esq of Stocklinch Manor, Somerset. Little is known of the cars early life, however it was purchased by John Garrett in 1969 at a Veteran Car Club Auction. The car was advertised as a 1 owner vehicle from a deceased estate. The £5,000 fee paid, was said to be at the time a world record. 


John Garrett rallied the car extensively in both the UK and Europe. It was also used in TV and Film, appearing in ‘The Great White Hope’ starring Margaret Leighton and in the Ceylon Tea adverts. 


An Invitation for Y69 to take part in the processional rehearsals for the wedding of Charles and Diana was accepted and with John Garrett at the wheel, dawn starts were made from Kensington and Buckingham Palaces. 


In 1993, Y69 was purchased by renown Veteran car collector and enthusiast Mike Bradbrook who once again used the vehicle extensively in major events, making appearances in the UK, France, Jersey, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Belgium and the Gordon Bennett Rally in Ireland. He also took part in the re run of the 1000 mile trial in 2000. The car is thought to have completed over 30 London to Brighton runs alongside these other feats. This portfolio of eventing history stands Y69 as one of the most decorated pre 1905 vehicles available worldwide. 


Officially dated by the VCC in July 1969, Y69 is the oldest 4 Cylinder Gladiator vehicle on record. 


The 1903 12HP Gladiator became famed for the smoothness of its running, the quality of its assembly and the seemless changing of gears. The 1903 cars were actually sold through a company headed by S.F.Edge, better known for his dealings with Napier. 


Y69 will be offered for sale by Tom Parrott in the coming weeks for the first time in 20 years. The car has been maintained with no expense spared, with over £70,000 worth of invoices. This 1903 Gladiator is a rare opportunity for a new custodian to own a London to Brighton car with unrivalled provenance, that can travel upwards of 50mph with 4 people onboard. 


To Register an interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email - 



1903 Haynes-Apperson 8HP Runabout - VCC Dated 

1903 Haynes-Apperson 8HP Runabout 


Registration No - BS8683 

Chassis No - 417

Engine No - 417

VCC Dating Certificate No - 4157 (2019) 


Elwood Haynes of Kokomo, Indiana, US, was one of the first Americans to build a motorcar. A brilliant metallurgist, Haynes invented Stellite stainless steel, by the age of 27 he had devised a process for producing tungsten chrome steel. Aided by the Apperson Brothers, he developed his first motor powered buggy in 1894, its first run on Independence Day. The Haynes-Apperson company for established in 1898 and their cars were lauded as the finest quality American cars of the day. The two family’s went separate ways in 1901, but the cars were continued to be marketed under the same name. In 1902, a new 8HP motorcar was developed, the Runabout. 


A 1903 Haynes-Apperson sales advertisement -


“It is unique. It is it’s own type. It has proved to be the best for American roads. Better than foreign types. Better than the so called American type of motor car. It is the oldest make in America. One of the oldest in the world. The most throughly developed. Shall we put you down for one?”



Offered here, a very rare 1903 8HP Haynes-Apperson Runabout. In very original condition throughout, it features 3 forward gears and reverse, all via an epicyclic system. The engine is a water cooled, horizontally opposed, Twin cylinder that produces 8HP at around 2.1 Litres in capacity. The car features the very unique ‘Fat Man’ adjustable steering column and is fitted with matching Dietz side lamps. The addition of a folding pram style hood and folding windscreen mean that the car is very useable in all weather conditions. 


This stunning 1903 Runabout model first surfaced when offered for sale by Brooks auctioneers in July 2000. It had previously long resided in a European collection in Holland. The car was purchased by renown collector Mr Bernard Paris in 2000 at auction. He stripped down and assessed the car mechanically upon his purchase and any mechanical work required was completed. In 2015, Mr Parris son, sold the car to the current vendor. In its current ownership, the car has been lovingly maintained and in 2019 the VCC granted the car a dating certificate (4157) so the car now has eligibility for the London to Brighton Run. 


Presented in superb condition throughout, this powerful twin cylinder London to Brighton car is perfect for anyone looking to purchase a Veteran motorcar. With its 8HP engine, it travels comfortably at 30MPH, it’s epicyclic gearbox makes gear changing very simple and easy to master. The folding hood and screen mean that wet weather does not become an issue either. 


Offered at an exceptionally reasonable price, the car is sold with current V5C logbook, 2 x spare tyres, large history file and VCC dating certificate. 


Please contact Tom Parrott for further information on 07572526196 or alternatively via email - 


£92500 GBP

1900 Darracq Perfecta - De Dion Bouton Engined Quadricycle - VCC Dated

1900 Darracq Perfecta Quadricycle


- No 2 Type ‘Touriste’ 2.75HP - Reg No SIL 1900

- Chassis No 688

- Engine No 15425

- VCC Dating Cert No 3792 (2018)

- Exceptional Condition throughout

- Rare Marque

- From prominent UK Collection


Availability of Darracq Perfecta components and the De Dion engines made it relatively easy for assemblers to produce their own motor vehicles, as exemplified by this very original quadricycle offered here, which carries a single-cylinder De Dion engine in one of Darracq's Perfecta No. 2 'Touriste' frames.

Dating from 1900, the engine is the more desirable 402cc 2¾hp engined variant with water-cooled cylinder head, which sends power to the rear wheels via a Bozier two-speed gearbox.


This example resides with one of the UK’s most prominent collectors and a pioneer of the Tricycle/ Quadricycle scene worldwide.

The Perfecta is presented in faultless original condition and has been subjected to a ‘no expense spared’ maintenance throughout its current ownership. Undoubtably the best example on the market and potentially worldwide.

For more information, or to open a conversation about this vehicle, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via

£52500 GBP

1900 Peugeot Double Phaeton - VCC Dated 

1900 Peugeot Double Phaeton 


Reg No - CJK 2 

Chassis No - 2001

Engine No - 1890

VCC Cert No - 381


-VCC Dated

-Potentially only 3 owners from new

-Participated in 51 London to Brighton Runs

-Presents in exceptional condition throughout


Offered for sale for the first time since July 2000, is this beautiful early Peugeot Phaeton. Dated by the VCC in 1953 as the above with no major modifications. 


This Peugeot motorcar now dubbed ‘CJK 2’ was originally purchased by Dr Chabert of Castres in southern France in 1900. After 4 years of use, the car was placed in a barn and forgotten about until Mr Horace Edward Felix Parkinson came across the car in 1947 and persuaded the Doctor to part ways with it. Arrangements were made and the Peugeot was uncovered from behind many bales of Staw. 


The car arrived in the London docks having been transported from Bordeaux onboard a ‘wine boat’. The car was then transported to Parkinson’s workshops in Eastbourne on the south coast where it was stripped down and rebuilt. It was found that almost every major component was stamped 2001 and this gave the impression that the car was the first of a new model line. 


The main specification of the vehicle is a horizontal twin cylinder engine of 850CC. Ignition originally was via hot tube, however this is now via coil, primarily for safety. 


The car made its first UK outing on the 1949 London To Brighton run and competed every year until 1999. Apart from this the car was also entered into almost every Veteran Car Club event in the south east of England. Other major journeys included a trip to the 50th Paris Motor show in 1963.


In recent times, the car has resided in the careful custodianship of one of the UK’s biggest London to Brighton collectors, where it has been maintained with no expense sparred, with work carried out in the early 2000s by NP Veteran Engineering LTD. 


This fine, early London to Brighton car is offered for sale including a recommissioning service by ourselves as part of any potential transaction. The history file has extensive images and some wonderful handwritten letters from the 1940s including an original Buff logbook. 


For more information, or to register an interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -

£160000 GBP

1902 Rochet 4.5HP Vis-a-Vis - VCC Dated

1902 Rochet 4 1/2hp Vis-à-Vis

Chassis number: 1369

Registration number: BS8229

Engine Number: 2627

VCC Dating Cert No: 2240


Offered for sale this lovely 1902 Rochet 4.5HP Vis-A-Vis. Looking for a new home, this well presented and thoroughly ‘gone through’ French voiturette, offers a new custodian the opportunity to purchase an early London and Brighton and creepy Crawley eligible car that starts within the first 100 cars from Hyde Park. With Electric start, 3/4 seats (depending on your size?!) and sold with its own trailer included, this quality French marque is a brilliant package for any veteran advocate! 


Presented nicely in red with black body mouldings, The vis-à-vis coachwork wears the plate of Bergeon & Cie, Carrossiers of Bordeaux. The Rochet company produced its vehicles in Paris and began as so many previously in the cycle market. By 1902 the company were producing a small rear engined car using an engine produced by Aster of 4.5HP and drive via a Bozier 2 speed gearbox with cone clutch. A fine piece of refined engineering for the time. 


The coachwork of the car was undoubtably based upon the incredibly popular De Dion Bouton Voiturette’s. 


Dated by the VCC in 1998, this Rochet was previously residing in a collection in Switzerland where it had over £30,000 spent on its ‘recommissioning’. On top of this, the current owner has highlighted that the Engine, Gearbox and brakes have all been overhauled. 


This particular example was previously owned by a Veteran Car Club President who completed the London to Brighton Run with the car in both 2003 and 2004. Fast forward to the current custodian, who has completed a further 3 London to Brighton Runs with the car including 2022 and 2023. 


In summary, this pretty 1902 Rochet Vis-A-Vis offers an early start on the LTBR, multiple seats, a trailer included in the sale, on the button starting and a comprehensive history file. 


For more information please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email - 

£69500 GBP Including Brian James Trailer

1900 M.M.C Princess Phaeton 8HP Twin Cylinder VCC Dated

1900 MMC Princess Phaeton 8HP Twin Cylinder 


Registration - VC 777 (Needs to be applied for)

Car No. - 884

Engine No. 4 

VCC Dated

London to Brighton eligible 


- One of the oldest British cars in existence 

- Sole Surviving MMC Princess known worldwide 

- Ex-Ward Collection 

- Photographic evidence of LTBR’s In 20s,30s,40s 

- Footage of the car racing at Brooklands in the 30s. 


Offered for sale, an incredible piece of British motoring history. 


‘VC 777’ produced by the Motor Manufacturing Company Co. In 1900 cost £231 new and offered 4 seat motoring, Canvas hood and luggage space to the rear. This remarkable vehicle accommodates four with the front two seats perched above the road ahead of the driver. 


The car presents incredibly well considering having passed its 123rd birthday this year. 


A quite frankly astonishing history file accompanies the car and it is very well known in the Veteran circles. Photographic evidence shows the car on the London to Brighton Run in 1929 along with other LTB’s in 1933, 1936 and 1946. 




Horizontally opposed twin cylinder, water cooled with atmospheric inlet valve and mechanical exhaust valve. 1772cc. 


Three speed gearbox with reverse, chain final drive. 

33.5” rear wheels and 28.5” fronts, both on solid tyres. 

Semi elliptic front leaf springs at the front - coil sprung at the rear. 




Finished in deep maroon livery with cream coach-lined wheels the car presents nicely with basketwork, weaved coachwork. Complete with Candle coach lamps matching in colour and rear brass oil lamp, it is in exceptionally functional condition with beautiful patina. To the rear of the vehicle we have luggage space or for those who required it, a footman. 


Running order:


The car is sold in useable, running and driving condition. It starts on the handle and is ready for many further events/rallies and tours. As with all cars of this era, regular maintenance is key and this example has been well cared for by its current custodians. 


Current V5C document, history file, VCC dating Certificate and delightful photos accompany the sale and confirm the authenticity of an incredible vehicle. 


For further information, or to register your interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -

£185000 GBP

1904 De Dion 10HP Twin Cylinder VCC Dated *SOLD*

1904 De Dion Bouton 10hp Twin Cylinder Rear entrance tonneau


Powerful 10hp 4 Seat example 

Frequent London to Brighton participant 

VCC Dated -1904

Comfortable 40MPH car

Presents Beautifully 

Offered for sale ‘BF4679’ offers the new custodian a fully restored and attractively finished, high quality twin cylinder powerful London to Brighton vehicle. It presents beautifully in recently hand-painted royal blue livery and is described as in running, working order ready for use. 


The history of this particular twin cylinder De Dion Bouton is largely unknown, but it was restored in the Netherlands more than a decade ago before import to the UK, following which it has been extensively used. The VCC Dating report, provided by the current owner indicates that the vehicle has a long wheelbase chassis, that was available for some vehicles in 1904. 


The engine is the 10hp unit of 1400cc, which is twice the size of the unit fitted to the 6hp motor cars at the time and pulls the chassis along at a comfortable speed without being troubled by hilly terrain. The gearbox is understood to be an example of the sliding pinion transmission that De Dion Bouton fitted to the slightly later motor vehicles from 1905. This was installed as an upgraded feature at the time, and the vendor has confirmed that gear-changing is very smooth. 


Twin Cylinder-engined De Dion Bouton’s are difficult to find, and this example offers a recently restored, painted, and trimmed option for a new custodian. It has all the attributes of this high-quality French marque, with the added benefit of spacious rear accommodation for passengers.


The car is described as in excellent, useable condition and will be ready for all touring/rallying and eventing possibilities upon sale. 


A top quality London to Brighton vehicle for those looking ’to make good time’ and take several passengers. 


For more information, or to register early interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -

1901 Delin 4.5HP Voiturette - VCC Dated

1901 Delin 4 1/2 HP Voiturette - VCC Dated 


-Car No. 4

-Engine No. 0181

-VCC Dating Cert No. 1299


-3 seat London to Brighton run eligible car

-Early LTBR start time

-Over £20k spent in the last 5 years 

-Starts, Runs, Drives, Stops

-Rare Marque, potentially 3 survivors. 

-Fantastic history file


The Delin motor car was designed and built in Louvain Belgium by Mr Joseph Delin. Production started in 1900. 


The Delin was a typical light car from the turn of the century, with a front mounted, transverse single cylinder engine supplying drive to the rear wheels via a single chain. 


Production only lasted for 12 months and there are only 2 known survivors, one of which is this delightful example and the other believe it or not resides in Uruguay, in their National Museum as the first car ever imported into the country.  


Offering 4 1/2HP, a 3 speed gearbox including reverse, the Delin was a very capable little car that rumbled along at 25MPH.


‘866 UYG’ formerly ‘OJ2’ offers a new custodian the opportunity to possess an exceptionally rare and well presented marque, that draws a crowd and conversation wherever it goes. The vehicle has been maintained meticulously and recent works have totalled over £20,000 to ensure that the car has been kept up together in safe and presentable running order. 


Early History:


The car is accompanied by VCC Dated Certificate No. 1299 (1972), original Buff Logbook and a large amount of correspondence from as early as 1945. 


The vehicle surfaced in early 1945 when it was offered for sale by Mr Walter Mist, Mists Garage, Birmingham. Early correspondence shows a letter from a Mr A.W.F Smith who was looking to purchase the vehicle for £75, but had asked Mists Garage to store the car for the time being ‘until the rockets stopped’ which was likely a reference to the German V2’s at the time. Eventually 14th April 1945 a further letter shows Smiths purchase of the car for £75. Further research shows that Walter Mist may have become custodian of the vehicle in 1930. 


The car was next sold at the ‘Smiths’ auction in 1968 where it ended up at a new home in Portadown Ireland. The car was kept there until 1990 when dealer Stephen Langton purchased the car and removed the ‘OJ2’ number plate before selling the car to a Mr Johcheere in Belgium. More recently the car was owned by renown Brighton car collector Mike Bradbrook in 2014 but was then placed in the COYS auction in 2016 where the current vendor purchased it. 


For further information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email at


£65000 GBP 

1904 De Dion Bouton 6 HP - VCC Dated 

1904 De Dion Bouton 6 HP 

Full description and Information file coming soon.

-Current long term ownership - over 30 years.

-Featured in several scenes in the famous Veteran car related film Genevieve.

-Completed 20 Plus London to Brighton Runs

-VCC Dated - Cert No. 176

-Purchased by the current custodian from Stephen Langton in December 1992

Coming soon 


1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile 6C - VCC Dated

1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile 6C 


Car No. 21028

VCC Dating Cert No. 3430


According to a factory memo, the Oldsmobile 6C model first appeared with dealers in March and April 1904. Serial numbers started at 20,000 and ended somewhere under 25,000. This model was the most powerful Curve Dash to date producing 7HP. In 1904, the records show that 2,234 6C’s were built. 


Offered here, ‘BF4661’ shows a typical example of the 6C model. Having completed a number of London to Brighton runs, as recently as a successful journey in 2023, this particular vehicle has been adapted with the London to Brighton Run and all of its trials in mind. The car is sold with its own trailer, ratchet straps, hood, tonneaus and even a perspex windscreen (if you really want it). The car has had varies add ons such as speedo, indicators and lighting also fitted. All of these items are removable and will be down to its new custodians taste. 


The car was dated by the VCC in 2012 and the dating certificate is provided along with the dating report, UK V5C, various handbooks and other documentation. 


Although the cars history is mostly unknown, the current owner understands the car was owned by a Mr D Kolzon of Illinois, USA before it was later believed to have been imported into Harrogate, Yorkshire. 


To summarise, this Curved Dash Oldsmobile is a great starter London to Brighton vehicle, that is dated and has completed recent journeys to Brighton. The car has its own trailer and is very ease to tow and store. Some light recommissioning is always recommended, but the car has been described as driving well. 


For further information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196, or alternatively via email - 


£48500 GBP including trailer. 

1902 De Dion Bouton 6HP Vis-A-Vis - VCC Dated

Car No. 1661

Engine No. 8418

VCC Dating Certificate No. 37


The first four wheeled vehicles produced by De Dion Bouton were named ‘Petite Voitures’, however later adopted the name Voiturettes. Launched in 1899 the first of these voiturettes consisted of a 3.5HP rear engined vehicle titled the Type D. 


Fast forward to 1902 and De Dion were beginning to roll out 6HP power units that were fitted into front engined cars, however they also put these into the Voiturette or Vis-a-Vis in the shape of the Type L. With a larger Cylinder, Bore and stroke, aswell as a bigger crankcase the Type L 6HP (which is displayed here) was the final edition of the De Dion Bouton Vis-a-Vis and offered superior performance when compared to its predecessors. 


The example offered here today, presents an excellent opportunity for a new custodian to purchase the most powerful engined of the De Dion Vis-a-Vis models. Looking back at the history of AA1352, we can see that the car was dated by the Veteran Car Club very early on, with Dating Certificate No.37. 


AA1352’s ownership history can be traced back to the 1930’s, when it was first entered into the London to Brighton Run in 1935 by a Mr JE Alcock. Further research shows that Mr Alcock was a colonel. The car was entered into every London to Brighton Run from 1935 to 1957 by Mr JE Alcock, quite remarkable in these early years. The car was next entered in 1958 by Alcocks son, captain JVP Alcock who ran the car in 59,60,61,62,63 and 1964. After this, the car was completely absent from all records until it appeared at an estate auction in County Kerry, Ireland in 1999 where the current owner purchased the car. 


In its current ownership, AA1352 has been recommissioned and images of the complete disassembly of the engine can be viewed by interested parties. The car still possesses its original Longuemare style carburettor and starts well. 


This car would be ideal for someone that wants to dig deeper into the history of a car that was owned by ‘people of interest’ and that was a regular performer on the London to Brighton Run in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. 


As with all cars of 120 years old, some recommissioning is likely to be required but the car can be started and inspected by any interested party. 


For further information or to register an interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -

£90000 GBP

1903 Panhard Et Levassor 7HP Twin Cylinder - VCC Dated

1903 Panhard Et Levassor 


Registration No. AY3400

Dating Certificate NO.7 (20th, April 1946)


Over the past 50 years, it has been widely stated that a Panhard Levassor, with 2 cylinder engine of 7HP, is the perfect London to Brighton vehicle. A blend of exquisite history, quality manufacture, nimble handling with excellent power delivery the twin cylinder Panhard Levassor has everything you could want from a car of this period. 


Coupled with the fact that the Panhard archives still exist in The Schlumpf Museum, Mulhouse, meaning that each car is still identifiable, a Panhard Et Levassor is often the most sort after prize in Veteran motoring. 

This Panhard Levassor, engine number 6637, was supplied new to a Mr Harvey Du Cros, the exclusive dealer of Panhard Levassor in the UK. Meaning that this is one of few UK supplied cars from new. 

This example AY3400, was put in for dating with the VCC by a Mr Arthur Prince in the 1930s, after he found the car in a Millwrights shop. Mr Prince was a true enthusiast that rallied and toured many cars actively from the 20s through to the 50s. 


Mr Prince lived in Loughborough, UK and upon purchasing the car was convinced it was a 10HP model, although this was later corrected and a 7HP engine capacity was arrived upon. 


During Mr Princes ownership, he ran AY3400 in every London to Brighton Run from 1934 to 1963 (29 runs) a truly staggering feat at this early time period. Unfortunately he passed away in 1964, but this did not stop his wife Mrs Prince from completing the London to Brighton run in the Panhard in 1965,1966 and 1967. 


Next, the car obviously changed hands, as it was entered into the LTBVR by a Mr M L C Foord in 1968 and 1969. 


After this the car changed hands once again to Mr T S Black (Yorkshire Car Collection) and he used the car once again extensively, entering every London to Brighton Run from 1972 until it is believed around 2015. A staggering feat. 


The car possesses one of the earliest VCC Dating Certificate numbers that we have seen (NO7) and still presents in lovely condition despite the many thousands of miles it has travelled. It shows wonderful patina to the bodywork and leather diamond buttoned upholstery. 


This 1903 Panhard Et Levassor 7HP offers a new custodian the chance to own the pinnacle of London to Brighton motoring with a proven, capable and refined machine. 


To register an interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email - 


1902 Renault 8HP Type G - VCC Dated

1902 Renault 8HP Type G 


Engine No. 9754

Chassis No. 489

VCC Dating Cert No. 1455 (1977)


Built in late 1902 this fantastic 8HP Renault was first registered in Gloucester in late 1903 to a Mr F G Marner of Cubitt Town, London. 


At some point before the First World War, the car was re-bodied to make it look more modern, perhaps copying the Renault AX, Renaults most popular model of the time. 


A Mr Philip Fotheringham-Parker purchased the car in August 1939 for the sum of twenty two pounds and ten shillings. The car was kept at his Mews house in London. His wife ‘Georgie’ drove the car on many London to Brighton runs, in Europe and at home in the UK. 


The car was altered back to its correct original specification sometime in the 1950s when it was purchased by a previous keeper that kept the car for some 55 years. 


The car has potentially completed over 65 successful London to Brighton runs. It has also been used on many European tours, the Teuf Teuf, Creepy Crawley and The Ellis Journey. 


The car today presents in nice condition throughout, starts very easily and has been used regularly including the successful completion of the 2023 London to Brighton Run. 


Capable of carrying 4 people up all the hills on the way to Brighton, this Renault offers a new keeper an excellent opportunity to purchase a car with a proven track record, nice history file and easy driving. 


To register an interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -



1900 Georges Richard Model 5 10HP Twin Cylinder 6 Seater - VCC Dated

1900 Georges Richard Model 5 10HP Twin Cylinder


Registration No. BS8233

Car No. 114

Engine No. 91

VCC Dating Cert No. 2141



- Sole surviving Georges Richard Model 5

- 6 seat London to Brighton car 

- Very early London to Brighton start time

- Powerful 10HP 2 Cylinder 

- High quality French Marque 


Georges Richard was a French racing driver and automobile industry pioneer. His first automobile manufacturing company was formed in 1897 Georges and his brother Maxim Richard. A key feature of the brothers enterprise (that grew from bicycle repair and manufacture) was their ability to offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, something which at the time was highly appealing, but also caused a huge amount of trouble for the company. 


Georges Richard was seen as one of the high quality manufacturers of the time that made the jump from the bicycle boom into motorcar production. Starting with a Voiturette in 1896, sold under the name ‘pony’ the company soon moved on with the times to produce more powerful vehicles before the brand name disappeared in 1902, to be replaced by Henri Brasier’s, Richard-Braiser. 


The vehicle shown here, ‘BS8233’ is an example of the heavier construction, model 5, produced between 1899 and 1901 under the Vivinus License. The horizontally forward mounted engine drove a belt to the gearbox in the centre of the car and then to side chains to the rear wheels.


Fast forward to today and I am delighted to offer for sale this incredible example of automotive history, the sole surviving Georges Richard Model 5. Powered by a 10HP Twin Cylinder engine, able to carry 6 people and starting in the first 60 cars on the London to Brighton Run, this car is a real rarity. In fact it is totally unique. 


In the same ownership since 1996 the car is now looking for a new custodian to continue its many successful completions of the London to Brighton Run. The car is in excellent, original condition throughout and is described as in running condition. As with all cars 124 years old, some recommissioning is likely to be required to achieve optimal performance however the car has completed a number of Brighton runs successfully in recent years. 


To register an interest, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email - 


£195,000 GBP 

1901 De Dion Bouton Voiturette by HJ Mulliner 'The Wellingham De Dion' - VCC Dated

1901 De Dion Bouton 3 Seat Voiturette Coachwork by H J Mulliner 


Registration No - AH 229 

Chassis No - 3543

Engine No - 4790

VCC Dating Cert No - 173 (1956) 




- Historically Significant Vehicle 

- Unique HJ Mulliner Coachwork 

- Under 5 Owners from new in 1901

- Complete ownership history to day one

- Previously owned by The VCC of Great Britain 


Previously the property of the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, ‘The Wellingham De Dion’.


In 1901 this De Dion Bouton was supplied new to a Mrs Roland Ward of Necton Hall, Swaffham, Norfolk. The car was the only of its type ever bodied by renown coach builders, H J Mulliner. The coachwork featured two conventional seats with a rear spider seat and mock bonnet where the traditional vis-a-vis bench seat would have been located. 


In 1904, the car was passed to its second owner, when Mr Thomas Matthew’s of The Priory, Sporle, Norfolk purchased the car for the princely sum of £60. It was in Matthew’s ownership that a young 13 year old Wellingham was taught to drive the car for the first time, around the family estate and the name ‘Martha’ was bestowed upon her. ‘Martha’ was in constant use until around 1930 when Matthew’s gave up driving due to his advancing years. 


In 1936, a now Colonel HJ Wellingham took over the car upon the death of his guardian Matthews, some 29 years after first making its acquaintance. ‘Martha’ was entered into many VCC events and London to Brighton Runs under Wellingham both before and after World War II. The Colonel became a long standing member of the Veteran Car Club and continued to use ‘Martha’ right up until the end of his life. 


Upon his death, Col Wellingham left ‘Martha’ to the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain in his will and an agreement was written In 1955 outlining this. There were several conditions, one of which was that the car was maintained to a high standard and that it was to be used by Veteran Car Club members on events. ‘Martha’ was collected by Peter Phillips on behalf of the VCC who arranged a recommissioning and hand paintwork, some time around 1960. 


In 2003, the Veteran Car Club decided to part with ‘Martha’ and the current custodian bought her from a well known auction house, primarily for her significant historical value. The car is offered for sale today, for the first time in 21 years. 


In her 120 year lifetime, ‘Martha’ has only had very short periods of inactivity and has never been heavily restored. Her original HJ Mulliner coachwork is still intact and she is currently in running order. This vehicle needs to be recognised for its astonishing historical feats, aswell as it’s pedigree of ownership. Having had possibly only 4 owners from new, ‘Martha’ is a very unique car. 


Offered for sale with outstanding history file, containing over 250 Period photographs, newspaper articles and a plethora of historical invoices dating back as far as the 1930s, this De Dion Bouton has one of the most complete and detailed history files of any London to Brighton car in existence. Quite remarkably, Colonel Wellinghams original De Dion Bouton Handbook and Buff logbook are also included within the sale. 


This De Dion Bouton Is a true collectors dream, unrivalled provenance, unique original coachwork and exceptional history file. An opportunity not to be missed. 


For further information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via email -



1904 Franklin 10/12HP -VCC Dated

1904 Franklin Model B 10/12HP Rear Entrance Tonneau 


Registration No. BS8193

Engine No. 796

Chassis No. 796

VCC Dating Cert No. 2197




Engine - Four Cylinder, 10/12HP, 1700cc, 3 1/4” Bore x 3 1/4 “” Stroke. Original Carburettor present. 


Transmission - Two Speed epicyclic gearbox with reverse. 


Body - Original, Removable rear entrance tonneau. 


H.H. Franklin Co. released their first motor car from the production line in June 1902. From the outset, the Franklin brand was known for its air cooled engines and was marketed as being one of the most reliable, yet powerful cars of its time. This was evidenced by its use by many public sector workers including medical staff and doctors. Before the invention of Antifreeze, cold winters were treacherous for water cooled vehicles, while the air cooled Franklin was able to perform at its optimal levels. 


In 1904, messrs Whitman and Carris drove a Franklin motorcar in the fastest transcontinental journey completed from San Francisco to New York, the journey was designed as a publicity and marketing venture that saw the pair complete the journey in 33 days. This was 28 days faster than any previous attempt. The car chosen was a 1904, Air Cooled, 10HP Franklin. Quite remarkably the car completed the 4500 miles without any major mechanical issues. 


London to Brighton eligible Franklin motor cars are a thing of real rarity, with only 3 1904 examples to be known in the UK and 12 worldwide. 


Offered for sale for the first time in 22 years, this quite fantastic and beautifully presented Franklin 10HP 4 cylinder motorcar. The early history of this vehicle is mostly unknown, however as so many American cars before and after it, it resided in the worlds largest private collection, that of Bill Harrah. Harrah is thought to have acquired the car in the 1950s and his vast collection featured several other later Franklin cars. Upon his death in 1978, as with many of the other vehicles of interest, engine no 796 was likely sold. 


The next owner was a General R. Lyons of California, USA. His ownership duration is unclear but we have recorded that he sold the car to its first keeper in Europe in May 1992, a Mr AHF Van Slijpe who resides in Maastricht, Holland. The car was used on several events in his ownership under the registration number ZZ5603. In October 1993, the Franklin made its first appearance in the UK, with a Mr P Tillion of Bourne End. He kept the car for just 2 years before selling it to a renown Veteran car collector, Mr D Light of Bath. Mr Light, loved and cherished BS8193, subjecting the car to a complete mechanical and cosmetic overhaul upon his purchase of the car in 1995. Fast forward 7 years and the Franklin was sold to its current owner, who has since owned the car for 22 years, keeping the car in excellent fettle and completing a further 12 London to Brighton Runs, including in 2023. 


Presented in dark navy guise with beautiful golden coach-lining, BS8193 also wears excellent brass work in the form of stunning Phare Solar acetylene lamps (working), new white wall tyres and plush diamond buttoned leather trimming. The car still carries its original carburettor and mixture control, a rarity on these cars, with most being lost/replaced. The car has been maintained to an excellent standard by the Harris family who have known the car for some 15 plus years and have an excellent understanding of the vehicle. 


The Franklin starts and drives well, presents excellently and would be a perfect addition to any collection. The car is sold with history file, all lamps, V5C and VCC Dating certificate. 






- VCC Dated 

- 4 Cylinders 

- 4 seat LTB car 

- Easy to master epicyclic gearbox 

- Presents in excellent condition 

- Rare and unusual mark, a crowd pleaser. 


For more information, please contact Tom Parrott on 07572526196 or alternatively via 

Email - 

£142,500 GBP

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